Welcome to the Law Office of Marjorie A. Muñiz

Warrants? Tickets? DUI/ DWI? Call the Law Office of Marjorie A. Muñiz.
Regardless of your legal situation, we are here to help. Let us get over this
bump in the road and get you back in the swing of things.

Bienvenidos a la oficina de la abogada Marjorie A. Muñiz

¿Problemas con la ley? Si necesita representación legal, comunicase con
la abogada del hispano - abogada Marjorie Ann Muñiz. Cualquier problema
que tenga, tenemos la solución.
"God prepares great men (and women) for great tasks by great
J. K. Gressett ~

"I'm trusting in the Lord and a good lawyer"
Oliver North  ~
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The Law Office of Marjorie A. Muñiz-Monroy
La Oficina Legal de Marjorie A. Muñiz-Monroy
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